100% Pure Titanium Cutting Board

✓ Antibacterial Protection
✓ Knife-Friendly
✓ Easy to Clean
✓ Toxic Chemical-Free
✓ Lasts a Lifetime

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The Real Risks Behind Your Cutting Board

Glass/Stone/Steel Cutting Board

Hard materials like glass, stone, and steel dull knives quickly, requiring frequent sharpening or replacements. This not only adds to your maintenance efforts but also affects your knife’s performance and lifespan.

Plastic Cutting Board

Plastic boards can develop deep grooves where bacteria thrive and can leach harmful chemicals like BPA into your food. They also tend to stain and retain odors, compromising food safety and quality.

Wood/Bamboo Cutting Board

Wood and bamboo cutting boards can harbor bacteria and mold in the grooves and cuts, even if invisible. These materials absorb odors and stains easily, leading to food contamination and potential illness over time.

The Last Board You'll Ever Need

Antibacterial Surface

Protects against chronic bacterial and mold contamination, ensuring a safe and germ-free food preparation area for peace of mind.

Gentle On Knives

Titanium, being three times softer than the steel used in 99% of kitchen knives, ensures your knives stay sharper for longer, saving you money on replacements.

Lasts a Lifetime

Titanium is renowned in the medical field for its remarkable durability in heart implants and hip replacements. Choose a cutting board that offers longevity and performance that lasts a lifetime.

Resistant To Staining

Maintains its aesthetic appeal at all times, unlike wood which requires a thorough cleaning after cutting beets or tomatoes.

Odorless & Easy To Clean

Its non-porous surface effortlessly wipes clean, preventing lingering food smells.

Why Your Cutting Board Could Be a Health Hazard

Most people don't realize that wood and bamboo cutting boards can hide bacteria and mold in their grooves and cuts, even when not visible.

These materials easily absorb odors and stains, leading to food contamination and potential illness.

CAMRX boards are crafted from pure, medical-grade titanium, the same material trusted in surgical implants for its complete antibacterial properties.

Unlike wooden or bamboo boards, which trap harmful bacteria in cuts, grooves, and punctures, this titanium board doesn’t absorb liquids or allow bacteria to settle and grow, making it the safest choice for your kitchen.

Lasts a Lifetime (Saves Money in the Long Run)

Say goodbye to the expense of replacing your cutting board every few years. The titanium cutting board is designed to be passed down through generations.

Unlike glass or stone boards that are prone to chipping and cracking, or wooden boards that demand regular oiling to preserve their condition, this titanium board is sustainable and needs no maintenance.

Incredibly Easy to Clean (Stain, Rust, and Odor Resistant)

If you dread scrubbing away stains and odors that cling to wooden and plastic boards, you’ll appreciate the ease of cleaning a titanium board.

Foods and liquids don’t stick. Just rinse it under tap water, and it’s ready to use again because it dries off instantly.

The non-porous surface means smells and colors wash right off, preventing cross-contamination of your food.

Unlike steel, titanium boasts one of the highest corrosion resistances of all metals, ensuring it won't rust or stain over time.

Preserves Your Knives’ Sharpness Longer

There's a common misconception that titanium is too hard on knives, potentially damaging them during use. However, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Unlike cutting boards made of stone, glass, or steel—which are particularly harsh on your blades—titanium is actually much softer. In fact, titanium is three times softer than the steel used in 99% of kitchen knives.

This means that the titanium board will not damage or dull your knives as quickly as stone, steel, or glass options because they’re much harder.

Instead, it offers wear similar to that of a bamboo board, which is known for being kind to knives.

With this board, you can enjoy the durability and hygiene benefits of titanium without compromising the sharpness.

Retains Stable and Satisfying Cutting Experience

This board offers the perfect balance of weight and stability, ensuring that your board doesn’t slide around while you’re chopping.

CAMRX lets you enjoy the satisfying sound and solid feel as you slice, similar to traditional boards but without any of the drawbacks.

What Our Customers Say...

Peter M

It makes such a big difference!

"The quality is evident as soon as you take it out of the box. Solid, well-made, and dependable.

Overall don't be deterred by price (whilst mine was $79.95 for the medium one) its worth to invest in it since it better for health and i will never need to replace it"

Brian M

Totally recommend!

"They are very solid and quite thick and sturdy (heavy but not too heavy). Absolutely love these! So easy to clean, dont have to worry about leftover bacteria on the boards, and they hold up so well to all types of cutting. These are such a great find. Highly recommend!"

Luke H

It's a must have!

"I have used this board several times, and I just love it! (It’s a recent purchase, so I haven’t had it for very long). It’s so nice and easy to use and clean. I was surprised by the weight if the board, not that’s it’s too heavy, but it’s well made, sturdy & feels premium. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who still uses wood & plastic boards for the safety of your health"


Customer Reviews

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Aleyna S.
Titanium cutting board

Much more sanitary and easy to clean

Daniel McGill
Great cutting board

Well made and nicely weighted- excellent for cutting fruit, veg and meat: very happy with the purchase